2003-2004 Mearns' Quail Hunter Survey Results

and 2001-2002 Season Survey Results

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Arizona Game & Fish Department

2003 - 2004 Mearns' Quail Hunter Opinion Survey - Conducted by Mail
476 returns (51% return rate)
- March 2004

Sponsored and funded by Arizona Quail Alliance

All bold values are percentages of responses unless noted otherwise.

Part I: Mearns' Quail Hunt Structures Part II: Respondent's Background

1. Currently, the daily bag limit for Mearns' quail is 10. Please indicate what you feel would be an appropriate bag limit for Mearns' quail ?

same:    21%
1-5:        27%
6-10:     41%
11-15:  11%

9. Gender:
male:     96%
female:    4%

2. If Mearns' quail bag limits were to be reduced from the current 10, at what point would you choose not to hunt ?

less than 10:  7%
less than 8:  11%
less than 6:  16 %
less than 4:  14%
Bag limit would not effect my choice:  46%

10. Year of Birth:  mean = 1948
3. Which of the following do you believe is the more effective way to manage Mearns' quail harvest? (rank from 1- most effective; to 4, least effective). Most effective % responses are displayed only.
Daily bag limit:  27%
Possession limit:  6%
# of days in the hunting season:  15%
Monitoring available habitat:  63%
11. Which of the following categories best describes your ethnic origin?

Hispanic:   3%
White:   94%
African American:   0.5%
American Indian:   0.2%
Asian American:   0.5%
other:   3%
4. How would you rate Arizona Game and Fish Department's Mearns' quail management?
Very poor:   6%
Poor:   10%
Fair:   29%
Good:   41%
Excellent:   8%
12. State of Residency:
AZ = 56%
a. how long: mean = 32 years
5. How important do you think harvest regulations (bag limits, possession limits, length of season) are to the management of Mearns' quail populations?
Not important:   8%
Slightly important:   15%
Somewhat important:   30%
Very important:   48%
13. What is the highest level of education you have completed?
grade school :  1%
college:   40%
trade school:   4%
graduate school :  33%
high school:   21%
6. What month is your favorite for Mearns' quail hunting?
November: 16%
December: 37%
January: 39%
February: 8%
14. Please estimate the number of days you spent hunting Mearns' quail last year.
mean =6.75 days
7. How many years have you hunted Mearns' quail? (do not include intervening years you did not hunt).
mean = 12.3 years
15. Please estimate how much you spent hunting Mearns' quail per day when hunting (i.e. dogs, gas, ammunition, and other related expenses).
mean = $221.50
8. Various factors contribute to a quality hunting experience. How important are the following to your enjoyment of Mearns' quail hunting?
Comment Not Somewhat Very
Seeing several coveys in one day of hunting: 1 30 68
Having plenty of shooting: 27 58 14
Attaining a bag limit: 74 22 4
Just being out in nature: 3 23 73
Watching the dogs work: 5 9 86
Going to the field with friends: 8 32 60
16. Please check the category best describing your total annual household income (optional).

Under $25,000:   3%
$26,000 to $40,000:   12%
$41,000to $60,000:   18%
over $60,000:   6%


Results of the Hunter Questionnaire (2001-2002 Season)
 (March 8, 2002 )

Notes on Habitat: In general most hunters were in agreement that the habitat was better than ever, even those that said "Same" did write encouraging remarks on the job the Forest Service is doing in the Coronado National Forest today.

Notes on Locations: The returns from the Arivacas Mountains where specifically from Sycamore and Warsaw canyons. The poor returns undoubtedly reflect the poor number of birds found in Sycamore, Warsaw and California Gulgh this past season. The Patagonia area encompass also the Temporal, Stevens and Smith canyons. The San Rafael returns include the west and east side, including Jones Mesa . Parker Lake includes west and east of the lake, and includes Sunnyside canyon. While Meadow Valley can be considered "North San Rafael", the fact we had a specific questionnaire box in that area allowed us not to have to combine the returns from that area with those from the lower San Rafael. Meadow Valley also includes Lampshire and Box Canyon. Canelo Hills also includes Lyle and Brushy Canyon returns. Sonoita are returns primarily from the Empire Ranch. There was no questionnaire box in the Bear Canyon area (SE San Rafael Valley) or the Kino Springs area (east of Nogales) though we received some returns from some that hunted those areas and are included under 'Other'.

Notes on "Hunter Comments": The questionnaires did include space for personal comments. They do make for very enlightening and in may cases also very entertaining reading.

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